Flume Gorge ~ New Hampshire ~ September 2017

When autumn rolls around I start to get this itch. Noooooo….not that itch! Ew. (Although, no see-ums are prevalent here in FL…bastards they are!) It’s an itch for cool weather, sweaters & scarves, bon fires, nice outdoor hikes, colorful leaves, not sweating my ass off. You know, northern stuff. My favorite time of year! Michigan (where I’m from) has all that but I wasn’t making the hundredth trip up there again. Florida, not so much. December is still shorts weather. So when a trip to New Hampshire became available you know what I did…SNATCH! I met some awesome peeps while in Scotland. Lifers for sure. So when they said they were heading to NH for the Highland Games, I was on it!


If you’ve never been to NH in September, and I never have…ever, it is a sight to behold!

mountains — √

colorful leaves — √

hiking trails — √

all my Scotland peeps — √√

cool crisp September air — “forecast to be in the 80’s”

Wait….WHAT?? Mid 80’s?? Where’s my low 60° days?? My 40° mornings where I sip my piping hot coffee while bundled up in a scarf and sweater?? Where were my scarves? Packed in my bag, that’s where they were. Not to see the light of day. Maybe January, but not today lady.



The Franconia Range: l. Mt. Liberty el. 4460, m. Mt. Flume el. 4327, r. Whaleback Mt. el. 3640

One 360° look around once we got to our home away from home this nice long weekend, and I totally forgot I was sweating. The mountain range is spectacular. I’m a sucker for some mountains. Big ones, small ones, skinny ones, fat ones. I love ’em all. The Whites do not disappoint in that department. So I sweat the next few days. No biggie. I got my mountains, my hiking shoes, my favorite peeps and plenty of brews & laughs at the festival.

Life is good my friends…..


Aside from the Highland Games (which was the main reason we all came) I absolutely HAD to do some hiking. The closest and quickest spot to cram in some much needed nature therapy was the Flume Gorge.



Holy smokes people…this is straight out of a fairy tale!

The Flume is a natural gorge at the base of Mt. Liberty which is located in Franconia Notch State Park nestled within the White Mountain National Forest about 5 miles north of LIncoln, New Hampshire. Discovered by 93 year old “Aunt” Jess Guernsey in 1808 while she was fishing, this granite rock formation is millions of years old, with multiple gorgeous water falls, boulder laden streams and a 2 mile looped hiking path with a wood covered bridge and wooden board walks that take you smack through the center of it all. Certainly a nature lovers paradise for the senses


A beautiful soft moss shaded in bright and deep (almost alien like) greens, cover these vertical slabs of granite. Magical indeed!


My trusty and super comfy back pack. I am a wee bit obsessed with Columbia. Just a little.


The entire loop is a 2 mile stretch beginning and ending at the visitor center or you can just walk (although lots of stairs) through the gorge itself. Either way you are greeted with magnificent views of countless waterfalls. Open May 5 – Oct 22 8:30am-5pm (5:30 peak season) all weather permitting.


Beeee-autiful stream along the Loon Mountain Resort.

Friends, I highly recommend visiting The Flume Gorge. This should be on any hikers or waterfall seekers’ bucket list for sure. 🧡


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  1. Inger says:

    You need a Pinterest share button. Your blog would totally take off if you mark it in on Pinterest. Mine did. C4yourself…https://www.womanroars.com/blog//7-ways-pinterest-can-make-all-your-blogging-dreams-come-true


    1. NomadJenzie says:

      Hey thanks! Great advice! I’m working on that now! Awesome site btw… 😊


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